Switchblade No. 11

Brian Beatty “The Husband” (verse)
Contents Page
Scotch Rutherford’s Editor’s Corner: Dysfunctional Relationships

Sharp & Deadly Short Fiction
George Garnet “Exotic”
Misha Burnett “Whatever Lola Wants”
Serena Jayne “Garden Variety Creeper”
John Timm “Strangers, Perfect Strangers”
J.D. Graves “Amid the Noise & Haste”
Alec Cizak “The Radical Mr. Bogota”
Robb T. White “The Alibi”

Quick & Dirty Flash Fiction
Jim J. Wilsky “A Brand New Outfit”
David Rachels “The Lady Urologist”

Switchblade Person of Interest: Alec Cizak
Author Bios & Acknowledgements

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Switchblade: An Anthology of Noir No. 11 November 2019
Caledonia Press
Editor: Scotch Rutherford
Cover photos: Scotch Rutherford
5” x 8”, 136 pages
POD $6.99 Kindle $2.99

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