Analog Jan/Feb 2020

Analog kicks off its year-long celebration of its 90th year of publication with Victoria Green’s retro cover design. Managing Editor Emily Hockaday shared a preview of the Mar/Apr cover, which appears in The Digest Enthusiast No. 11, which is scheduled to release this Friday, January 10.

Contents Page
Stanley Schmidt’s Guest Editorial: A Major Milestone and Places We’ve Been
Adam-Troy Castro & Jerry Oltion “The Astronaut from Wyoming” (90th Anniversary Retrospective Reprint) The story is followed by reminiscences of the story by its authors.
Alec Nevala-Lee & M. Wysocki, Jr.’s Science Fact Making Waves: The Inventions of John W. Campbell
Rebecca Siegel “In Theory” (verse)
Harry Turtledove “The Quest for the Great Gray Mossy”
Sean McMullen “Wheel of Echoes” art uncredited
Jay Werkheiser “Hive” art by Eldar Zakirov
Eric Choi “The Greatest Day”
Eric Choi’s Science Fact Saving Columbia: An In-Flight Options Assessment
Robert Frazier “Ghost Transmission” (verse)
Rachel Rodman “The Evolutionary Alice” (Probability Zero)
Ian Randal Strock “Bulkheads Make the Best Neighbors”
John G. Cramer’s The Alternate View Renormalization: Dodging Infinities
Douglas F. Dluzen “Welcome to the New You: Terms and Conditions for the iCRISPR Gene-Editing Kit”
Izzy Wasserstein “The Grass Bows Down, the Pilgrims Walk Lightly” art by Kurt Huggins
Matthew Claxton “All the Turns of the Earth” art by Josh Meehan
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation
A.J. Ward “One Lost Space Suit Way” art by Kurt Huggins
In Times to Come
Wendy Nikel “Around a World in Ninety-Six Hours
Gregor Hartmann “Birds of a Feather”
Richard A. Lovett “Guns Don’t Kill”
Joel Richards “Q-Ship Militant”
Sarina Dorie “The Shocking Truth About the Scientific Method that Privatized Schools Don’t Want You to Know”
C. Stuart Hardwick “Hubble Rising”
Don Sakers: The Reference Library
The Cruel Stars by John Birmingham
Cry Pilot by Joel Dane
The Guardian by J.D. Moyer
Hour of the Horde by Gordon R. Dickson
Octavia Gone by Jack McDevitt
—Footprints in the Stars edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Readymade Bodhisattva: The Kaya Anthology of South Korean Science Fiction edited by Sunyoung Park & SangJoon Park
The End of the World and Other Catastrophes edited by Mike Ashley
Menace of the Machine: The Rise of AI in Classic Science Fiction edited by Mike Ashley
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Classified Marketplace
2019 Index
Anlab Ballot
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 140 No. 1 & 2 Jan/Feb 2020
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Tomislav Tikulin
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until Feb. 18, 2020
Analog website

SF Value Pack-8 $7.95
SF Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95
SF Value Pack-16 $12.95

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