Adrian Cole


Weirdbook No.44

Weirdbook No.44

Weirdbook [Vol. 2 #14, #44, May 2021] ed. Doug Draa (Wildside Press, $13.00, 179p, 6” x 9”0 Cover by Fotolia, interior illustrations by Allen Koszowski
1 • Contents
2 • From the Editor’s Tower • Doug Draa • ed
3 • Let Me Be Your Swamp Snake [Nick Nightmare] • Adrian Cole • ss
16 • Warning • Darrell Schweitzer • pm
17 • A Whisper in the Death Pit • Kyla Lee Ward • ss
25 • Absent a Passion Play • Allan Rozinski • pm
26 • Deadest Man in Town • Franklyn Searight • ss
63 • Penumbra Over Millwall • Jan Edwards • ss
75 • Fragile • Lucy A. Snyder • pm
76 • Birth • M. Stern • ss
88 • Spectres Untold • Maxwell I. Gold • pm
91 • Belladonna’s Kiss • Ashley Dioses • pm
91 • Among the Fallen • Ann K. Schwader • pm
92 • Okiko’s Doll • Stefano Frigieri; translated by Amanda Blee • ss
102 • Heatseeker • Tim Curran • ss
121 • Witch’s Barrow • Chad Hensley • pm
122 • The Librarian • Sharon L. Cullars • ss
128 • The Third Obscenity • Frederick J. Mayer • pm
129 • Dream Warriors (1) Team Spirit • D.C. Lozar • ss
148 • Bang! • Chris Kuriata • ss
160 • Death and the Vampire • James Dorr • ss
162 • Mind Rot • Cindy O’Quinn • pm
163 • The Dust of Sages and Fools • John R. Fultz • ss
176 • Push Dagger • John C. Hocking • ss
179 • Song of the Goat • K.A. Opperman • pm

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Weirdbook No. 41

Weirdbook No. 41

Weirdbook Vol. 2 No. 11 Issue 41 June 2019
Doug Draa: From the Editor’s Tower

Adrian Cole “Tonight I Wear My Crimson Face”
Darrell Schweitzer “The House of the Witches”
Erica Ruppertabout “The Bones”
Steve Dilks “The Idols of Xan”
Marlane Quade Cook “Conjurings”
Glynn Owen Barrass “Matriarch Unbound”
Luke Walker “The Mouth at the Edge of the World”
Alistair Rey “An Autumn Settling”
K.G. Anderson “I Know How You’ll Die”
Jack Lee Taylor “Fair Shopping”
Marina Favila “Black Aggie”
Arasibo Campeche “The Chroma of Home”
Dean MacAllister “The Last Resort”
S. Subramanian “The Crypt Beneath the Manse”
C.M. Muller “A Winter Reunion”
Leonard Carpenter “The Stravinsky Code”
Matthew Masucci “She Talks to Me”
L.F. Falconer “Wings of Twilight”
Thomas C. Mavroudis “A Pantheon of Trash”
D.C. Lozar “Juliet’s Moon”
Jean Graham “The Gargoyle’s Wife”
Justin Boote “The Melting Man”
Sean McCoy “Dead Waves”
J.D. Brink “The Proposal”
Kevin Hayman “Dark Energy”
S. L. Edwards “Christmas at Castle Dracula”
M. Ravenberg “There Was Fire”
Sharon Cullars “Them”
C. I. Kemp “For Love of Lythea”

K.A. Opperman “Beltane”
Scott J. Couturier “Twin Hungers”
Ashley Dioses “The Jackal”
Joshua Gage “Our Family Ghost”
Russ Parkhurst “Le Gargoyle”

Weirdbook Vol. 2 No. 11 Issue 41 June 2019
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Cover: Iuliia Kovalova
Interior Artwork: Allen Koszowski
235 pages, 6” x 9”
POD $12.00 , Kindle*
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Adrian Cole’s Mirrorman

Story page 1From Weirdbook No. 34:

“A Kiss for the Mirrorman” by Adrian Cole is a terrific fast-paced battle of wits and advanced weaponry. Set in the gritty streets of a future metropolis, an unnamed assassin tracks the Mirrorman and plunges him into a deadly trap. One for the issue’s best adventures.