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Paperback Fanatic No. 43

Paperback Fanatic No. 43

Justin Marriott: Fanatical Thoughts
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Paul Bishop: Gil Brewer—The Dark Invader
Justin Marriott: Brewer’s Droop
Bob Deis: Brewer in MAMs (Men’s Adventure Magazines)
Paul Bishop: The Other Marlowe
Justin Marriott: A Town Called Malice
Rob Matthews: Charles Williams and His Girls
Charles Williams Bibliography
Justin Marriott: A Visual Guide to Robert McGinnis
Justin Marriott: Brighter than Salmon Pink
Wyatt Doyle Interview

Paperback Fanatic No. 43 Jan. 2020
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Assistant Editor: Jim O’Brien
Proofer: Tom Tesarek
7” x 10” 90 pages, full color
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Gil Brewer’s Teen-Age Casanova

The fourth story from Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries #3, October 1955:

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Misperceptions abound in Gil Brewer’s “Teen-Age Casanova.” Carol loves Allen, and Allen used to love her back—until he fell hard for Binnie. Now he’s as gaga over Binnie, as Carol is over him. He makes it clear to Carol that he’s done with her—again and again. Yet she persists. In fact, Carol’s indefatigable—unbelievably so. What’s a teenage casanova to do? Allen cobbles together a reverse stalker murder plan that bites back.

Gil Brewer (1922–1983) was a major paperback original writer in the 1950s. His short stories sold to all the digest magazines of the day, most notably Manhunt, The Saint, Pursuit, Hunted, and the short-lived Accused. Bill Pronzini wrote a chapter about him for The Big Book of Noir, citing his novels The Red Scarf and Nude on Thin Ice as two of his best. Hard Case Crime and Stark House Press have reprinted over a dozen of his novels, keeping the works of one of the great 50s and 60s noir writers in print for today’s readers.