Helmuth W Mommers


Mommers and Vleck’s Monster

Perry Rhodan & AtlanFrom International Science Fiction No. 1 (Nov. 1967):

“Monster” pairs the team of Helmuth W. Mommers and Ernest Vleck for the second time in this edition of ISF, translated by Harry Warner, Jr. Told from the first-person viewpoint of an orphan, Oliver, who is different from all of the institution’s other children. Albino skin for one, but there’s more that is slowly revealed before and after he’s nearly drown by Butcher, a mean-spirited menial of the orphanage.

No one would ever want to bring Oliver home. Yet, one day someone does. As Butcher pushes the orphan through the halls toward his waiting adopters, Oliver’s senses warn him of imminent danger. He flees, eluding the massive manhunt that ensues. From hiding he learns the truth of his origins and why the military wants him dead.

In addition to his collaborations with Mommers, Ernst Vleck wrote the first Atlan novel “Spider Desert” which appeared in the first edition of the Ace double series Perry Rhodan/Atlan (September 1977).

ISF1: The Epsilon Problem

Story Title

International Science Fiction No. 1 features two stories from Germany, both by the writing team of Helmuth W. Mommers and Ernest Vleck. The first, “The Epsilon Problem” is translated by Harry Warner, Jr.

The Morph-children are the turning point in the long and costly war between mankind and the Spoot. But when their work is done what is to become of them?

Captain Lokart travels to Epsilon base with the daunting task of convincing the unstable Father Epsilon to stand down and begin the process of recuperation.

Helmuth W. Mommers (b. 1943) contributed to German science fiction as a writer, illustrator, editor, and literary agent. After a successful career as a retailer in Sweden, he took an early retirement in Mailorca, Spain, where he co-founded the magazine Nova and edited the annual Visionen (Visions) anthologies. He published a novel, Galacticum, as well as more than fifty short stories. His work has been nominated for the German Science Fiction Award and the Kurd Lasswitz-Award.