Bestseller Mystery B94 coverAlthough not labeled officially with the “Ellery Queen Selects” banner, Bestseller Mystery B94 follows the series’ formula: a short story collection edited by Queen, with his introduction.

Bestseller Mystery B94, Jan. 30, 1948

“Cops and Robbers” by O. Henry

“After Twenty Years” (The Four Million, New York Sunday World Magazine, Feb. 14, 1904)
“The Clarion Call” (The Voice of the City)
“A Municipal Report” (Strictly Business, Hampton’s Magazine, Nov. 1909)
“The Dissipated Jeweler” (O. Henry Encore, Houston Post, 1896)
“The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes,” (Sixes and Seven, New York Sunday World Magazine, Feb. 7, 1904)
“The Cop and the Anthem” (The Four Million, New York Sunday World Magazine, Dec. 4, 1904)
“Jeff Peters as a Personal Magnet” (The Gentle Grafter)
“The Random of Red Chief” (Whirligigs, The Saturday Evening Post, July 6, 1907)
“A Retrieved Reformation” (Roads of Destiny, Cosmopolitan, April 1903)
“Babes in the Jungle” (Strictly Business)
“A Double-Dyed Deceiver” (Roads of Destiny, Everybody’s Magazine, Dec. 1905)
“The Caballero’s Way” (Heart of the World, Everybody’s Magazine, July 1907)
“The Marionettes,” (Rolling Stones, The Black Cat, Apr. 1902)
“The Man Higher Up” (The Gentle Grafter)

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