Analog April 1965

Excerpt from Joe Wehrle, Jr.’s article on “The Telzey Amberdon Stories of James H. Schmitz” in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7:

Goblin Night (Analog April 1965). On a camping trip with eleven other college students and her friend’s huge dog, Telzey receives a mental image of a person running, terrified, from a relentless pursuer. Tracking the source, she is led into a trap where she is the one pursued by the frightening creature called “the spook.” At the end of her resources, Telzey mentally summons Chomir for help. This suspenseful story has to be one of the series’ highlights. Reprinted as the first part of The Lion Game (DAW #38 1973, British hardcover from Sidgwick and Jackson, 1976).

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