Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 7

I thoroughly enjoyed this special Private Eye edition of Black Cat Mystery Magazine, edited by Michael Bracken. Its authors include Robert Lopresti and Josh Pachter who have both contributed to past issues of The Digest Enthusiast. Others, like Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Bev Vincent, and John M. Floyd often appear in the pages of newsstand digests like Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen. It was great to see a story from Gordon Linzner, who edited and published the indie SF zine Space & Time for decades. Another indie digest stalwart is Graham Powell, whose work has appeared in places like Needle and Plots with Guns. The prolific, award winner, O’Neil De Noux is onboard, along with Clarkesworld author E.E. King. The volume wraps with two longer yarns, the first by Robert Jeschonek of PulpHouse Fiction and Fiction River-fame, and concludes with a classic reprint from Manhunt by Fletcher Flora.

All told, a terrific read with special appeal for lovers of private detective stories.

Published by Wildside Press
Print $13 Kindle $3.99

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